Santa Barbara Vintners

Lot #010

Women in Wine Instant Cellar 

To honor the 100thanniversary of the women’s suffrage the ladies of Santa Barbara Wine Country come together to offer this one-of-a kind auction lot. Did you know Santa Barbara has one of the highest women in wine per capita? This is no small feat in a traditionally male dominated industry. It’s no wonder these women are carving a path for themselves as they continue to create some of the most beautifully balanced and influential wines of our time. Stock your cellar with these small lots hand crafted by the movers and shakers stepping up to lead Santa Barbara Wine Country. 

Twenty-one women winemakers come together to donate at least a case of signed 750s and magnum size bottles (250+ bottles). We are talking top scores, sold out wines, library offers and rare bottles only available at the Santa Barbara Wine Auction. 

Our hats off to the ladies of Santa Barbara Wine Country. 

Courtesy of: 

  1. Brooke Carhartt - Carhartt Vineyard
  2. Amy Christine - Holus Bolus Winery
  3. Anna Clifford - Final Girl Wines
  4. Jessica Gasca - Story of Soil
  5. Tara Gomez – Kitá Wines
  6. Kathy Joseph- Fiddlehead Cellars
  7. Sonja Magdeveski - The Feminist Party
  8. Megan McGrath Gates - Lucas and Luwellen Vineyards
  9. Clarissa Nagy - CNagy Wines
  10. Laura Roach - Loubud Wines and Sanford Winery
  11. Adrienne Rule - Rideau Vineyard
  12. Jill Russell - Cambria Wines
  13. Rachel Silkowski - Say When Wine
  14. Wynne Solomon - Peake Ranch
  15. Karen Steinwachs – Buttonwood Winery and Seagrape Wine Co.
  16. Lane Tanner – Lumen Wines
  17. Mireia Taribo - Camins 2 Dreams
  18. Alison B. Thompson - Lepiane Wines
  19. Gretchen Voelcker - Luna Hart Wines
  20. Brittany Zotovich- Dreamcôte Wine Co.
  21. Angela Osborne - Folded Hills